Who We Are

Marmalcoa is a Portuguese company which was founded in 2000 and is based in the District of Leiria. The raw material it uses is exclusively national limestone that is extracted mainly from Serra dos Candeeiros, and several different quarries in the Districts of Leiria and Santarém.


It seeks innovation and cutting-edge technology and boasts a team of highly qualified professionals who strive to promote excellence in their work, offering clients a quality product. Being present in the national and international markets, it relies on public and private companies.


Stone is our most valuable raw material; that is why we value what moves us so much – “The passion for stone”. Our history is inspired on what we are and therefore, the Portuguese tradition of using limestone is reflected in great works of our culture such as the Monastery of Alcobaça, where one of the most beautiful love stories between Inês de Castro and Pedro I was set; showing how much our work means to us.


Innovation, production and transformation of quality rocks as a means to ensure excellence, while acting in the industrial market with a presence in various European countries and, more recently, the United States of America.


Respect, trust and commitment are values that are fundamental to Marmalcoa. As well as the concern for and preservation of the environment since it meets all the standards and procedures with companies which specialize in the collection, transportation and treatment of stone, engine oils and abrasives products used in the processing of stone.

Our Business

Our business focuses on providing quality and refined stone. Our products aim to meet the needs of our clients. Therefore, we provide stone which is rigorously tested according to the legislation in force.