Process Steps



Solidity, Responsibility and Tradition.

We transform the natural stone and specialize in the supply, design, construction and installation of the stone for countertops, bedrooms, bathrooms and projects that incorporate stone.

With a constant concern about the issues related to sustainability, we have the consciousness of the need to preserve our resources. Marmalcoa’s commitment to the environment is based on fundamental pillars of sustainable development and business ethics, covering the entire lifecycle of the products.

We have been in the Portuguese market of ornamental stones for 15 years, in  the areas of construction, architecture, landscaping and decoration.



Infinite possibilities. Effectiveness in innovative solutions.

Thanks to the technology that it uses, Marmalcoa ensures that its natural stone shows a high performance capable of delivering innovative solutions according to the latest market trends. We use technological processes for the cutting and polishing of stones, we can produce virtually anything in stone!

Marmalcoa develops projects with large public and private companies, mainly in urban environments, whether they are related to landscaping, interior or exterior, facades or finishing work, which involve a wide variety of products.

Final Product of excellence


A world reference in the field of natural stone.

Customer satisfaction through a final product of the highest quality, fast response times, lower costs, greater flexibility, and, finally, a superior end product.

Our customers come in the form of owners, contractors, architects, builders, developers, and designers of a wide variety of trades.

Regardless of the type of work in which we are involved, or who may be our client, Marmalcoa is an organization that takes pride in being the reliable supplier.
Our goal is to convert the sector of natural stone into a world reference, consolidating our leadership position, maximizing the opportunity for growth, promoting attentive and competent work and simultaneously raising the deserved status of quality and excellence.