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Who we are

+20 years of tradition

Founded in 2000, Marmalcoa is a Portuguese company, located in the District of Leiria, which uses exclusively national limestone as raw material, essentially extracted in Serra dos Candeeiros , and in several quarries in the Districts of Leiria and Santarém.

Innovation and state-of-the-art technology and a team of highly qualified professionals to carry out a work of excellence, offering its customers a quality product. Present in the national and international market it has public and private companies.

Rock is our raw material of value and therefore, we value what moves us “The passion for stone”.

A Portuguese tradition the use of limestone revealed in major works such as the Monastery of Alcobaça inspire us, as well as the story of the passion between Inês de Castro and D.Pedro.

In 2021, year in which Marmalcoa celebrated its 20th anniversary, we decided to reinforce the brand’s notoriety and resilience, in order to project it into the future.

To celebrate this anniversary, and in honor of those who, in times, they took the name of Portugal to the 4 corners of the world, we changed the name of our products, thus reinforcing the perception of the quality of national products.

Our Mission

Innovate, produce and transform quality rocks and guarantee excellence. With presence in several European countries and, more recently, in the United States of America. Marmalcoa supplies materials with an unalterable beauty.

Our Values

Respect, commitment and trust are values that Marmalcoa defends as the basis of its business. In addition to the concern and preservation of the environment, complying with all rules and procedures with companies specialized in the collection, transport and treatment of stone waste, machine oils and abrasive products used in the transformation of stone.

Our Business

Our business is centered on providing quality and exquisite stone. Our products aim to meet the needs of our customers. For this, it has tested stones, in accordance with the legislation in force, which are subject to rigorous tests.

Stone Certification

The technical characteristics of Marmalcoa stones are tested, in accordance with the legislation, by the Geological and Mining Institute of Porto, which are subject to gelity tests (maximum cycles until the stone breaks), bending, compression and wear.< /p>


Marmalcoa’s commitment to the environment is based on the fundamental pillars of sustainable development and business ethics, covering the entire life cycle of products.


Since 2000, Marmalcoa has registered progressive growth and strong international expansion, becoming a distinct reference in the natural stone sector, exclusively national, while introducing innovation and technology.


our work

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The Company
Oriented towards the continuous updating of our materials, always having innovative solutions in line with the latest market trends, applying the most advanced technology and a team of accredited professionals, Marmalcoa has the ability to respond and solve with maximum efficiency, effectiveness and quality the needs and demands of its customers.

Rua da Estrada Principal, n.º3 A
Cadoiço – Apartado 1012
2460-600 Aljubarrota (S. Vicente)
Alcobaça – Portugal

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