Bartolomeu Dias

About the Stone

A limestone with more homogeneous light brown colors and the presence of crystal veins, similar to routes traced by the sea inland, extremely attractive and peculiar colors that apply in interiors, exteriors and prominent areas.

“Bartolomeu Dias was a Portuguese navigator who, in the 15th century, discovered the sea route to India, skirting the Cape of Storms in the extreme south of Africa.”



A smooth, completely smooth and flat surface, which shows the true color of the materials, distinguishing itself from the polished one due to the lack of shine and detail.



The sandblasted finish is non-slip and semi-rough, flat enough and very suitable for outdoor paving, it shows more of the color of the material than the bush-hammered one, but less so than the brushed one.

Outdoor and Indoor


The bush-hammered finish is non-slip and especially suitable for floors and exterior cladding.
With a rough surface, the bush-hammered material is sufficiently flat and widely used for paving. Bearing in mind that this finish blurs the color of the materials, whitening them slightly and unifying the tones.

Outdoor and Indoor


The flamed finish makes the surfaces non-slip at the same time as it fades the original color of the material and gives it the variations of a “face with different relief dimensions”, providing a more rustic finish.

Outdoor and Indoor


A glossy surface that highlights the full coloring of the materials as well as their specific characteristics.
Totally flat and smooth, this finish conveys nobility and refinement and enhances all the beauty and strength of natural stone.


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